Sociopolitical songs and genre madness

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Fanposts

It has always been difficult to find the right genre for his own music. Especially in the streaming age the right drawer is important for addressing the audience and multipliers (playlisters, press etc.).

No real artist thinks of genres when writing a song. Especially when there is a lyrics to a song and a statement is made that is beyond the known personal sensitivities, like lovesickness and general world-weariness.

It becomes very difficult when the artist experiments with elements from different art epochs. This is how art in general works. But is music still seen as an art subject by the majority of listeners today?

With the triumphant advance of pop music, the art aspect has increasingly receded into the background. Radio stations select music according to a pattern that is a perversion of art.

The total submission to the majority taste forbids editors to select songs that could “disturb”. But disturbing the everyday uniformity is one of the most noble tasks of art.

It was obvious that marketing problems would arise when I focussed on sociopolitical themes for some time. But I feel like an artist and have to live with the economic consequences of my actions.

I understand very well that listeners want to find their peace beside the flood of horror news from all over the world – not least in music. But there are also ways out of the dilemma for an artist, and I try to go one of these ways by producing music for other soul situations as well.

There remains the problem of addressing via genres for the critical songs. It would be time for the streaming portals (Spotify etc.), which should be there for all groups of listeners, to establish genres, which take more consideration of song contents.

How about a mood “Sociopolitical” instead of dividing “Chill Out” into umpteen subgroups?

Captain Entprima

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