#3Musix Space: Space Odyssey EJC-8D

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A space odyssey is no child’s birthday party. The infinite expanses are sometimes too much for our human minds. Even the sound spaces behave somewhat differently than on Earth. Machine noises mix with sound phenomena that our memories conjure up for us. In the middle of it all, four jazz musicians play their earthly instruments to save their souls. A music and sound adventure between distant galaxies. The writing ambitions of ex-professional trumpeter Horst Grabosch are not a new phenomenon. Already in 1995, the trumpeter’s last jazz album was based on stories instead of notes. He took up some of the improvisations again in 2021 and processed them in this album. The time between the live recording and today brought new possibilities in digital music production, which could bring out the emotions of the songs even more impressively through added sounds and spatial sound techniques. There are great solos by Marius-Müller Westernhagen guitarist Markus Wienstroer and performance artist Frank Köllges, who died in 2012. – Estimated watchtime: 40 minutes.

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