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As we know dinner music on board of Spaceship Entprima is made by the coffee machine in spacship`s diner. But the passengers can influence the music. There are so called “major setups” for the mood of the tunes. Space Ship Diner-03 is dinner music with setup “bitter and sweet”.

Moods and Music

As you can imagine, beeing a passenger of a spaceship is not always the sweetest choice of life. It depends on the kind of spaceship. While passengers of spaceship earth are satisfied with the nature of the great environment, they suffer from behavior of leading apes. Spaceship Entprima is the opposite of that, because there are real humans leading. Therefore there ares some special assignments for the music. It has to represent the sentimental emotions of the passangers, but also the joy of life in hope to find a better world. This tune is a good example for that topic.


Older Mix – Remix coming soon …

Older Mix – Remix coming soon …

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