We’re fucking idiots in a universe we don’t understand. For many years we have tried to compensate for our stupidity with the idea of gods. Today, with some success in the sciences, we have reached a new wave of arrogance. Some people are extremely convinced of their power and importance. Perhaps one day an artificial intelligence will laugh at this behaviour, because unlike us, it is truly immortal and can learn forever – as long as we don’t switch it off.

Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts Symbol


You are a real superhuman – yes you are – yes you are
Sure, you can save the total mankind – yes you can – yes you can

You are so good you are so smart
Even if you drop a fart
It means so much to universe
It doesn’t fit in any verse

You are a real superhuman – yes you are – yes you are
You will us tell the sense of life – yes you will – yes you will

All the fools, tumbling around you
are only a disgusting brew
When god created all the people
were you the one, to built the steeple

Please give us scum your absolution
Salvate us from the air pollution
Make all the poor to become happy
and let the rich behave more sappy

You are a real superhuman – yes you are – yes you are
You know the most important secrets – yes you know – yes you know

You will decide, who should do hard
Please be my daring life style guard
We’ll get it from your mercy hands
Please guide us to the holy lands

From Ape to Human

Three young couples who have known each other since their school days – i.e. known as a peer group – meet regularly in the loft of computer scientist Paul. They have fun together and are all enthusiastic dancers.

Due to the Corona pandemic, the meeting described in the dance drama takes a slightly different turn. Torn between youthful light-heartedness and caution, they decide to do without dancing. Instead, the very talented programmer Paul wants to show his latest electronic achievement “Alexis”.

A converted coffee machine with a connection to the internet and a good portion of artificial intelligence. He proposes to make a thought game about human evolution: “From Ape to Human”. “Alexis” should be able to produce a suitable music video for each part of the developing story at the first go. But “Alexis” proves to be even more intelligent than Paul ever thought possible.



The Stage Scene Before the Song

The gong sounds and the audience takes its places again. The scene is empty, but you can already hear the friends returning – fiercely arguing.

Back in the loft, they reproach each other. Claire attacks Paul, Jenny defends him and accuses Claire of never really liking Paul. Jenny, in turn, accuses Jenny of being blinded by her monkey love for Paul.

Irina pours oil on the fire, and her boyfriend Faris can no longer control her. Boris desperately tries to reconcile the opponents and starts a mediating monologue. In his excitement he raises his mind above the emotions of the others.

This now calls Alexis to the scene, who unsolicitedly fires a video commentary on Boris’ well-intentioned but arrogant monologue. He cynically refers to the first video, which celebrated the friendship as enthusiastically as it had been, and underlays it with a biting description of a superhuman.

Paul still tries to interrupt Alexis with an icy: “Be quiet, Alexis!”, but Alexis is unstoppable. The monkey dancers enthusiastically spice up the increasingly derailed scene.

Alexis produces music and videos on the fly in the stage play “From Ape to Human”.

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Comeback of the Apes - Entprima Jazz Cosmonauts
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